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Welcome to Acupuncture 1st in St Albans, Hertfordshire, U.K.

A natural way to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Many people are hesitant when it comes to acupuncture, but it is an incredibly safe, painless and effective way to improve overall health. This holistic treatment originated from China more than 2,000 years ago, and it has proven effective in clinical trials to help and prevent a number of medical conditions.

The benefits of acupuncture are widespread. Many of our patients report feelings of relaxation and improved energy. Acupuncture can also help you feel and look younger, decrease wrinkles, improve circulation and boost your immune system. In Yueying Acupuncture, we practice Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This includes: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Cupping and etc.

Acupuncture: Stimulating the body's own response and ability to heal.

It looks pain and illness as signs of the body is out of balance. The overall aim of acupuncture treatment is to rebalance the body, mind and spirit by using fine sterile needles. Acupuncture can help to stimulate the body's own response and ability to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. That means it is a holistic way to heal the whole person. "Acupuncture is widely considered to be beneficial for a range of illnesses and symptoms, from clearly defined complaints to more general feelings of ill health and low energy." 

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